WHY do you participate in such initiative? Have you ever imagined to receive a direct food and training program from the UFC’s best trainer Greg Jackson? Or maybe you admire the hard stomach of Bear Grylls and you want to know what he eats in reality? Do you want to look behind the curtain on the big screen? The question what products your favourite popular people are shopping in their daily lives, how do they cook them and when/how much they eat can now be finally answered! Not only that, but you can easily follow them in their nutrition endeavors or let them follow you, if you have something special to share. || TARGET GROUP: The proposed application will be useful for all target groups out there: Eco enthusiasts and defenders, people enchanted from glamour girls, boys and men who want to build a strong body, Hollywood followers, survivalist types or just curious people, who wish to experience a famous person’s diet and lifestyle on themselves. || WHY WORTH IT? My idea will be a great benefit to modern people, as they will receive and share motivation for a positive change in life. They will be able to accept or give useful advices and tips about improving nutrition and body condition. The very best in their spheres will also contribute one way or another. Everyone will learn new things and enjoy themselves with exploring unknown recipes and cooking styles. ||| Celebrities images from google.com |||| PLEASE CHECK ALL THE SLIDES, THANK YOU!

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