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What is The Future of Food & Beverages?
A global initiative by jovoto and Ignore Gravity to create game changing ideas to inspire major brands in the food & beverage industry. You are invited to join innovators, creatives, designers from around the globe to crowdstorm how digitalization will impact our consumption of food and beverages in the future.

The food and beverage sector is bursting with innovation. From production and distribution to packing and communication, almost every part of the  chain is being transformed. On one hand, this change is driven by mega trends like digitalization and urbanization, on the other hand we are experiencing a significant shift in consumption culture and consumer behavior.

What do you think the future of food and beverages looks like? Create ideas relevant to how digitalization will impact how and what we eat in the future.

Your chance

Become part of a global think tank and shape the future of food & beverages. There’s a total prize pool of €8000 and a special prize ( “The Ultimate Future of Food Experience Award”) for one lucky creative.

It is also your opportunity to get licensed by global brands in the food & beverages industry. Inspire industry leaders with your ideas. The best creatives will be invited to participate into the think tank, where you will have access to work on following projects.

Share your vision and inspire change by joining the first global think tank exploring the future of food and beverages!

Project Jury

Awarded ideas