A series of outdoor furniture which grow "grass fur" on them. Have an unforgetable experiene sitting on the grassfur/niture. Have fun planting them, watching them grow, cutting the "grass-fur" and using it for your own food and drinks! They can even pro


Let nature invade your balcony. 

Easy to make, sustainable, durable series of furniture made of terracotta. They absorb moisture and "become alive" in your balcony, by growing different kind of grass or seeds that you have put on them. You can use different kinds of seeds, like basil,chia, alfa-alfa, parsley, marjoram, coriander, which also means that you have a very aromatic, natural and relaxing atmosphere in your own balcony. When the "green-fur" on your furniture has grown enough you can cut it and use it for cooking (alfa-alfa), use as aromatic herbs and spices (basil, coriander, parsley, marjoram) and anything else you can think of. Planting specific types of seeds and then eating them can also have beneficial effects on people suffering from diabetes and with risk of a heart attack! (for more information read this article: )

Consists of 3 furniture pieces with transitional functions :
ottoman/lamp/secret storage/stool ("Slakkatrakk")
sofa/ storage/lamp/ table ("Komsixusisks")
lovebench/grasswall/lamp/secret storage ("Ovülüüm")

Slakkatrakk l:1,30m h: 0.64m  w:0,30-0,70 m
Komsixusisks l:2,40m  h: 1,50-0,40m w:1,90-0,70m
Ovülüüm l:2,1m h: 1,2-0,40m w:1,1-0,60m

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