The GRASS RUG is a simple design that allows you to own for your personal pleasure a grass patch.


I�m always eager to enjoy a beautiful day lying down in the grass� feeling the sun on my face, looking at the sky, smelling the fresh cut grass, hearing the birds cheeping � I could stay there forever � reading, drawing, sleeping, eating � I could do anything in the middle of the nature � and now � even the storm that is coming is smelling extremely beautiful � uff! � happy me that I don�t have to pack and go home because I�m in my balcony.

This design is about enjoying nature (more specifically the grass) with all the senses. The GRASS RUG is a simple design that allows you to own a grass patch only for your personal use. It can be placed also vertically � if you need more space or if you prefer a vertical green wall.

You can use different types of grass or simply cut the grass at different heights to obtain interesting effects. It is very easy to use and take care of it because grass is not a pretentious plant and the design is very simple. Optional, when in vertical position, this rug can be wetted by an automated water/fertilizer system usually used in vertical gardening.

It can be produced in different sizes according to your needs.

Enjoy �

�for more details see the slides attached.



(If the text in the slides is not visible �)

RUBBER TRAY - flexible and treated against bacteria and fungus

SILICONE TIPS NETWORK � fixed under the rubber tray lets the rug easily slide on the floor

ARTIFICIAL FELT (eco friendly) � keeps the grass roots in place and moisture without decomposing (treated against bacteria and fungus).

3D SPACER FABRIC � is keeping in place the plants allowing you to place easily grass seeds wherever you want � also this material creates a soft surface that is adding to the general comfort

GRASS SEEDS � on the market are many types of grass satisfying all your needs ranging from very resistant to very soft just in case you would like to feed some kind of animal :-)

For tall grass I believe are necessary more thicker and resistant felt layers or maybe a mesh to hold them in place but I am not working in this domain.

PICE OF ART OR THE WALL � tiles or other moisture resistant materials placed on the wall in the back of the rug

FIXING ELEMENTS NETWORK � is keeping the artificial felt layers in place (screws and other simple stuff)

FRAME � hiding all the mechanisms (drainage basin, water filter, water pump sprinklers) it can be made from different materials according to your needs

WINCH WITH CRANK OR BUTTONS � simple manual or automatic system that is helping you too easily place the rug on the wall (in vertical position)

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