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adaptable table, bench, planter,fire and fountain in stainless steel and jatoba


ok so change of plan...this is much more in keeping with what the brief is all about i think. based on a couple of old designs for connectable coffee tables, mixed with out door materials (jatoba or similar), and a fountain centrepiece which doubles up as a barbeque/outdoor fireplace.

all the moveable elements rely on the wall to wall stainless planter with in built guide rails at their respective heights.
the benches , table and fire/fountain are attached to the rails at one side and run on hidden rubber wheels on the other side for ease of manipulation with just one person.
the sizes of table and benches pack away to a solid form.
the table surface has a bowl shaped surface and central hole so that the fountain water storage and pump module fits under neath the table and the table can be used as a water 'catch plate' for the fountain underneath.
the pump mechanism is easily retracted into its own water tank and blocked off so that the module can be used for a barbeque and out door fire at night.
when not in use the whole system packs away underneath the sculptural form of the table, where the fountain can either be left running or not. either way the mirror polished finish on the large bowl shaped table will give beautiful distorted reflections of the plants at the edge of the balcony.

here are some sketch details of how the kit works, i hope you can understand the drawings...i don´t have access to 3d stuff!
1   all packed away, working as central fountain
2  sitting around the table eating food from the barbeque
3  sitting around the fireplace with the table used for buffet and drinks

i like the simplicity of the pieces, no tricky materials or molds needed, just time trusted guide rails and wheels.
fountain tank can be refilled via the auto watering system in the planter, and the electrics for the pump could possibly be integrated into the guide rail also (keep it 12 volt)

hope you like it please reevaluate your last vote! thanks sig

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