go wild in the urban jungle!
due to the apparent worries of the size of the balconies, why not reclaim the space further from the facade, and personalise the building facade at the same time


 if somehow we could combine the need for in built furniture with a  frame for climbing plants and at the same time reclaim the sensation of more private space on ones balcony by extending beyond the facade (and at the same time creating a personalisable sun shade in the summer. all within one steel structural extendable system (a bit like the pin art picture )

heres a scrappy model to try and see the possibilities of the idea
it needs a structural planter wall of about 40-50cm think.
cast within this all (within the soil are cast the tube supports for the extending tubes. the extending tubes are approx 290 cm long at the moment so that when they are fully extended into the balcony they make a cantilever the full width of the balcony (240).

conversely when fully 'folded away' (meaning extended out of the balcony space, they create a large sculptural face for the architecture, and also an ideal structure for climbing plants.

the grid set up on the wall uses (at the moment) the obvious height and width modules for furniture
a layer at 40cm high, for benches,  chairs , beds, side tables, another layer at 70cm high for dining tables etc, 

there are modules going up the sides of the walls for shelving, hanging bikes, paintings etc
the tubes at ceiling level, are used mostly for the external sun shade element of the design but also  ideal for hanging a hammock etc.

the 40cm high grid line and the 70 cm grid line are of set from each other to allow a back rest for the seats.

so the stuff to resolve is the following....
the ideal empty space is empty, all structure retracted

by that i mean, the table tops, the bench seats and back rests, the hammocks etc
i still need to think about this, the bench seats could be a simple roll of fabric which clips to the structure. the table top could double as a painting or elegant texture, which gets hung on the wall when not in use.
obviously materials employed need to be lightweight but of decent quality.
maybe part of the wall needs to be a storage space...not sure yet

i´ll draw up an elevation to show the variations possible

and i´ll try and give the effect that lots of these will have on the total facade, could be interesting, it gives great shadow in the setting sun, kind of like an enormous sun dial.

all opinions welcomed, i´m thinking on the run here

cheers sig

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