Cube balcony


Furniture, inspired by an ice cube. 'Cube' is composed of two seats; they can be joint in one to save with place. Because of that, seat has adpted form but comfort of seating is not reduced. 
About materials: Body is made out of composite (long and thin fibers; matrix made out of low denseness material - such as PMC) Usage of composite increases hardihood, modulus of elasticity and reduces denseness. (Seats must be light and easy to move.) Composites can be expensive - in that case composite can be replaced with standard plastic which is already in use for light garden cahirs/tables. Layer in the middle is coated with textile/leather to make seating cosy.

Illuminated edition: every chair has integrated three parts of solar cells to assure the energy for LED strips. Energy is produced during the day, because of that these chairs are more suitable for bigger and opened balconies. Frame is colored black to attract as much sunlight as possible.

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