Piece of paradise on your balcony
Bright colors, a combination of chromium, live plants, transparent plastic and bright color accents. Balcony is divided into zones: sunbathing, recreation area, for morning coffee, a unique garden.


As the main materials used plastic, ceramic tile, metal and other.

Unique furniture and accessories:

Fantastic portable system of special boxes - pots for plants;

Stunning sofa which can easily turn into a hammock;

Modern cabinet with original doors that open in a circle,

Convenient table for morning coffee, which is easily transformed into a bedside table;

Gorgeous area for sunbathing.

All this now is on this balcony!
In this project many interesting, new and unique ideas, for me is very difficult choose the best, it as to try choose the lover child from all children. I hope that everyone can open for himself something new and it is will like for him.

The main target it to show, that even on a simple balcony is possible create unique and interesting subjects which did not exist earlier that there is possibly to develop further and create absolutely new home interiors and furniture. Unfortunately now I do not have possibility to realize all these ideas (very difficultly to find investor), everything that I have is these are ideas and created by me on the old computer 3d Max models. But is possible already in the future each interested person can have a rest in a sofa - hammock, or to plant the favorites plants in portable system of special boxes - pots.

Anyway if the models created by me are pleasant to you, and you want them to have, for me it means that our world continues to move forward, and I little participate in this development!