VASO furniture collection
The slogan of my idea is 'luxury for practical people' and indeed this set of furnitures for balconies aims for the comfort and practicality of the owner. The materials of construction is basically plastic and each unit has a thin metal structure that is


The VASO collection consists of furnitures designed for relaxing moments at the balcony as well as practical solutions and equipment for balcony gardening.

There is a storage furniture equiped with sink and has two water taps, one for drinks-washing, and one for the hose. Just above the sink, there is a portable light-weight unit for growing small plants/ cactus etc. and there is also little space for work (bench).

Next to this furniture there are numerous plants and flowers. This practical piece of furniture serves a double utility as equipment for balcony grdening but also as 'corner' for preparing cold drinks and bevergaes for friends. The storage space below the sink can be ustilised as desired by the owner.

Next unit is the chair for relaxing and is also eqiped with a space for the protection of the fabric/cover (cushion)  in case of raining or at winter time. This chair should be a comfortable unit with a practical solution for always relaxing dry. This chair could combined with a second one and a small table for romantic moments.

The table is a light-weight furniture made of plastic material/aluminium and has top a safe glass surface and has space for four comfortable chairs. Typically, can be used for snacks, lunch, drinks dinners and serve as the balcony's gathering point.

The next unit, is a sofa that consists of two parts. The first part is the piece of furniture that people sit and there is also space for four stool and space for equipment storage. The second part is the wall mounted back. In case of raining (or at winter time) the back of the sofa can be stored at dry facing towrds the wall, and when in use just simply pull down and enjoy its comfort.

Finally, there is a furniture/equipment that uses pneumatic tecnology (use of three independand pedals) to lift and lower pots, plants or to protect them from winds (or cold). Also can be used for organising during gardening as well as decorated as desired and change the height of each of the three level bench as to give your own plant decoration concept.

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