W Furniture
A wedding between manmade structure and nature, this concept brings together the connection of nature in an urban balcony – in this case, by stimulating a person sense of touch and smell.


The zigzag steel frame will be wrapped with stretchable elastic fabric. And the valley of the frame that makes up for the legs of the design houses greeneries which are planted in a V-shape pot that could be slotted into the furniture.


The elastic material allows the person to be submerged into the nature all the while touching the plants as if giving a feeling of lying in a field of greeneries. The close proximity between user and the design gives a sense of scent produced by the plant.


Designed to be detachable from the steel frame with the pot, this allow the user to utilize the furniture to their imagination desire and needs. The pot can be standalone by attaching it to a vertical plane or by attaching together to form a bigger pot. The pot is an empty vessel that can nurture any plants the user desire.

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