schöne grüne terrasse
green and clean garden balcony :)


i try to do experiment with balcony of Grundriss Wohnung B2, by topping the balcony floor plate with real garden. inspired by green house and its plantation, i put some plant in both sides and grass to fresh the air in the flat and filter the air, so the air in the flat is always clean and fresh. also this balcony garden works for napping, working, or to get some inspiration and a relaxation to the mind and body. all the activities done in one invisible (transparent) meubelier on the center. it made of acrylic, so the clean and green mood achieved by this acrylic seating. also it has many other functions such as napping, sunbathing, and maybe a small family who have babies can freely explore the meubelier and turn it up into a playground, without parents worrying about the kids playing in the wild, yet it still inside.    

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