The hollow rubber chair
the hollow rubber chair


I thought about simple, inexpensive, comfortable, functional and modern item.

My target was to design an item functional but it preserves the balcony�s space empty to prevent the feeling of congestion.

So I designed an item you can attract when you want to use it but in case of not in use it doesn�t take any space of the balcony.

This item could be used as a chair for reading or a shezlong for sleeping or relaxing.

The item takes a shape like the aluminum roller and it�s installed on the wall between two courses of sliding to slide up and down to make the two uses(chair or shezlong) . And after attracting �the material� we hang It on the floor to be ready for using.

The material is a hollow rubber to form as the human body�s shape at the same time it doesn�t traps heat as it has vacuums.