A set of six elements combined and adapted to the needs of each space and balcony.


This proposal presents a set of different elements that can be found both in the garden and inside of our homes. The main concept of this project is the modularity and adaptability, depending on the needs of each user and each balcony space. So, you can create from the most simple to the complex and stunning configuration, fully integrated with various plants and vegetation.

Below is a brief description of all the elements of the set:

Main module: Stainless steel with the top stamped with square-shaped holes, and a mattress set on top of it.

Backrest: A mattress subject to a stainless steel frame that attaches to the structure to the structure stamped the main module.

Side table: Made of curved wood.

Flowerpots: Two polyethylene flowerpots with one and two cavities respectively.

Lamp: With a wooden stand and a shade of polyethylene, which can be attached to the structure of the main module.

All these components have the common characteristic that can be fitted to the main module stamped structure.

Wall Flowerpots: Polypropylene, they can be hanged on the walls and also serve as a shade for wall lights.

I'll try to make some updates soon. Thanks.

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