B-tile for decorating your Balcony floor! Grass, Wood or tiles!


The idea is a floor module where it is possible to grow grass in it. The grass will grow very fast just like the grass on mr. Potato's Head. Also pet grass has got the same kind of features.

It has to be durable, because people will walk on it and may the grass die it is possible to by a new module where the seeds of the grass are included.

The measurement of the modules are at this moment 25 cm x 25 cm, but smaller modules are possible. This way it can be possible to place the modules on every balcony. So all sizes fits all balconies.

This is my idea, but sorry that i haven't got the time to render the module and make it all look very nice. I hope that you understand what i mean with this product and may there be any questions please let me know. Off course i also appreciate any comment to improve the module.