The edible balcony
The idea of this project is edible balcony in our apartments.


For years, environmentalists and international organizations have been trying to spread awareness about the importance of urban agriculture. Consequently, social concern with urban agriculture has been growing for the last several years, and it is being increasingly practiced in major cities and other densely populated areas. These urban methods of agriculture have a number of advantages not only in supplying fresh and healthy foods, but also in cutting carbon dioxide emissions by not having to transport food over long distances.

Today, the balcony is offering fresh air, rest area, fine view and so on. I also attempt to add another function which is an edible garden. The idea started out by questioning how people can supply themselves with food in a domestic situation. I do not think it will be possible for every part, but some parts of our food are quite practicable, such as vegetables and fruits.

Most of the apartments are devoid of own garden. But this design can help to eat fresh and healthy foods without risk factors. Moreover, the resident can decide number of devices by resident demand.


1.     Harvest of fresh vegetables and fruits

2.     Air purification by Tio2 coated plastic, device�s primary material

3.     Sun screen

4.     Effect of exterior and interior

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