Leaf : Stackable containers for various purposes The design is suggested by the shape of leaf, such as it were a natural element. Wall Terrace Herb : Stackable wall mounted flower box with openable pockets for plant purpose. Leaf: Stackable containe


Leaf is a system based on a module designed for multifaceted and omnilateral concatenation. Infinitely modular, like a giant game, Leaf enables open-air relaxation and green aereas to be arranged as desired. The range is divided into two different interlocking elements: a modular half-leaf seat and the other half container  garden plants. Both elements can be used as a seat or as a planter.

By appling a padded cover the element could be transformed into a seat.
Purpose : Typical applications include catering,event planning, trade fairs, hotels, corporate furnishing and of course in  terrace. Specifications : Rotational molded low density polyethylene. UV resistant. Fully recyclable.
Wall Terrace Herb is made of superposed elements in order to make costumized combinations. It is structured into two parts. The first one is a "bar" used as a spacer from the second element "pocket". The second element is a double bellows pocket hinged to the basement, this way allows the opening. The compositition could be arranged in different heights according with the kind of herbs.
Specifications: Corian and waterprof fabric

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