Garden of seclusion
‘Garden of seclusion’: it’s a way of living!


People like to remain in their garden, visit a park or nature to find rest and stillness. It�s nice to be secluded from the city, the noise and chaos.

By using the �outdoor plant curtains� it is possible to experience this seclusion at home on your very own garden balcony. The curtains, cover with green plants, keep the balcony and living area separated.

I also integrate the �kitchen garden� with handy storage cabinets. It makes gardening easy and fun. Now it�s not much trouble to find a spray, potting compost or scoop and to take care of your mini garden. It gives people energy in return.

The plants hang on the other side of the balcony. If it rains, the plants will enjoy it.

�Garden of seclusion�: it�s a way of living!