LEDs and solar applications give "DELight" a certain amount of elegance. It can shine in the dark and creates a unique balcony experience. DELight is modular, can be changed and used in any way you like it. DELight provides a wide range of opportunities.


DELight is characterized by clear and uncluttered forms. The used honeycomb shape  creates a transition between nature and technology.
DELight fits in almost any living room.
DELight brings nature into the grey urban cityscape and magically creates large green surfaces with no loss of storage space (vertical garden, climbing plants). So even the smallest terrace is going to be a green oasis. On the large terrace, the DELight modules can be combined in any desired amount to a large balcony landscape.
To make DELight even more individual, the elements are going to be colored such as the user likes it.
With the help of the LED´s the balcony turns into a dream landscape in the evening. This will bring pleasure and delight. The LED´s are environmentally friendly and require only the current of the day that is collected with the help of the integrated solar applications.