Designing apartment 2
Design of apartment 2 with wooden furniture


I choose to design apartment 2. One wall will be made a feature wall having 4 wooden floating shelves attached one below the other. The wooden shelves will be rectangular in dimension. These shelves will serve 2 purposes. Firstly, it will be used to put items on it like flower vases etc. Secondly these wooden shelves will have cylindrical glass pipes running through them and will be placed at a  slight slope. It will serve purpose as a fountain. For better illustration see the picture. The black lines are the hidden glass pipes in the wooden blocks mounted in the wall. Water is recirculated by a pump and the process of water follow continues. 

The roof will have a glass panel on it. Below the glass panel will be a motorized folding shutter system. This system controlled by a remote control can allow the entire shutter to open up into the night sky and the entire glass panel alone will be displayed as the shutter folds away. During the day the shutter can be closed or left slightly open to allow for light to come through partially through the shutters. During midday if its too hot the entire shutter can be closed and this covers the entire glass panel.

On the deck will be 2  stylish beach chairs shown in the diagram accompanied by a table separating the the stylish beach chairs. This can be seen in the pictures as well. This is ideal for 2 people to relax on the balcony and appreciate the tranquil environment with the calming sound of water drooping in the background.   

The balcony will have glass balustrades and wooden treads with white stylish beach chair and table. The wooden floating shelves will be driftwood.    

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