Sattler – Möbel ohne Beine suchen die Weite
This balcony furniture finally learned its lesson : their legs are in the way. So they take advantage of the circumstances and sit on top of the guardrail. In this way they use up only half the space, too.


No matter how large your balcony is, it can't be large enough. And the most exciting thing about the balcony is, it kind of delivers nature into our living room.

The "Sattler" (saddler) furniture works with these aspects. The valuable space should not be mistaken by furniture legs. The furniture takes advantage of the given statics and stability of the balcony guardrail and uses it to substitute the legs. In this way, the table invites foreign guests and offers birds a watering place.

As a quotation, table and lamp deliver domestic cosiness into the garden. They sit on the border between nature and living space and connect the two opposites.