The Metamorphic Urban Garden
The Metamorphic Urban Garden


The Balcony�  In so many urban environments it is the one place where an owner or family can experience the outdoors in relative solitude, one piece of the �natural� environment they can call their own and take ownership of, one place that�s not quite indoors but nowhere near the crowded public plaza.

But what do you do with it? Do you make it an extension of your home, an outdoor room? Or do you make it an escape, a natural place in a man-made surrounding? Why not both...or neither?

�Our concept is based on one simple principle. Your balcony becomes whatever you need it to be, any time of day, for any given occasion.�

By creating six movable panels constructed of living wall elements and simple, lightweight materials, the homeowner can move, expand, rotate, combine, and partition their balcony to whatever arrangement they deem necessary. The panels move forward and back, side to side, and a full 360 degrees. If the balcony truly is the one space that has to accommodate so many uses, is one simple furniture arrangement nearly enough? Imagine expanding the living room to introduce a garden element by turning all panels inward and pushed all the way out.  Create three separate garden rooms by combing sets of panels and placing them perpendicular to the balcony. Blur the boundary of inside and out by opening the wall completely, or just in a few sections. The flexibility this design offers is unparalleled. However, what makes it truly unique is its ability to integrate living space into the garden, while simultaneously bringing garden into the living space.

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