The Edge
The cliff is a perfect counterpart for the balcony. The painting Cliff Walk at Pourville by Claude Monet is just fitting to be a dream garden balcony template. Thus the concept adapted is translating that softscape quality of a landscape onto the balcony.


Inspired by a painting of a cliff, the balcony is an edge in its purest form; an infinite view, boundless and uncompromising. 

The unbounded quality of a cliff adds to its grandiose character. And although it's not a part of the furnishings, this character is experienced in the balcony by the parallel stainless steel walls. In this way it creates an impression of a limitless horizon blurred and served upon its user. 

The following are the characteristics translated onto the furnishings:

  • GRASS. Its ephemeral and gauzy quality enhances the softness of a landscape. This is translated through the repeating spaced vertical wood elements.

  • ELITE SUBJECTS.  The women in the painting are dressed fancy without compromising comfort. The chairs are recessed in the middle to provide this quality of comfort, since the weight is usually concentrated at the center.

  • LAND FORM.  The meandering and organic ambiance of the scenery and its land form makes it  an easy picture to digest. The base of the chair follows this idea by running in one continuous loop. Alternating up and down, it gives off an organic quality as opposed to being rigid.

THE EDGE is a cliff, a balcony, the elements within it, it is that ecstatic feeling an end could offer.