terrace 9,84x2,70
comfortable terrace


Unfortunately urban space often does not give us the necessary amount of greens, natural materials and comfort that a person needs in order not to feel lonely among artificial landscape of large cities. But we can brighten up this deficiency in our house by arranging a terrace in such a way so that it reflects the human desire for unity with nature.

The concept is very simple:
- we used natural materials ( wood, linen sun blinds);

-  a lot of plants � wheat on the outside perimeter or any other high simple grass, decorative trees� read more in flowerpots and also greens around art-chairs;

- chairs designed specially for this project;

- mirror coffee-table

- and as a main core � we used different types of lightning for creating different moods

As a result we�ve got a place for rest, lazy talks and enjoying views.

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