2 hydroponic product lines creating small scale infrastructures for urban farming.


How much time and care does it take to grow crops and how do vegetables reach our plates? Do you want to live a healthier life? It all begins with what you put into your body. Growing your own home garden lets you experience firsthand the fun and rewarding benefits of harvesting your own fruits and vegetables.

From field to plate, an average dinner travels 1.500 miles. The �Farm Bag� and �Window Farm� products can teach children where their food actually comes from. Not from the supermarket but from the elements that we all depend on. There is nothing more local than food grown in your own backyard, balcony or windowsill.

The Farm Bag reutilizes discarded and plastic bottles and truck canvas; the Window Farm can be composed of recycled paper, aluminum, bamboo or glass tubes. Reusing materials not only prevents waste but also reduces the consumption of new raw materials.

Both product chains can be applied as a single object or grouped. Any item can be programmed according to the individualized diet, fully organic and homemade. We offer four different sizes: single (S), couple (M) or family (L) or extended family (XL).

The prefabricated facade panels of the Window Farm or balcony panel can be used -besides its primary use for small scale urban agriculture in a highly densified urban surrounding- for solar, wind, rainwater or visual protection. The specific density of the panel depends on site-specific criteria and exposure to the elements.

Both Farm Bag and Window Farm allow for a subjective expression of the individual dweller towards the city. The multitude of options reflects the different owner's taste. Multiplied over the surface of an entire building, it may ultimately define the character of the architecture and its urban surroundings ...

A green touch in the middle of the city. Think about yourself and the environment. Go local, stay clean!