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WOW!!! Another fantastic competition with a fantastic jury! Bravo Jovoto!

That's true and I'm awaiting for every cool stuff. :-)

So, are we strictly designing furniture? To quote "the aim of this contest is not to develop small accessories such as cutlery and such"....

Whew, that´s a tough one... no apps? ;-)

Just like a swiss army chair. ;-)

Yess, we're looking for product ideas. Not strictly furniture, but products. "This can be individual components, like a light, a sun or mosquito net or also complete equipment sets. " Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with!

Interesting competition!

I am really looking forward to see the ideas in this competition. I also "own" a garden and I have seen so many things you can buy for the garden and outdoor events. I guess it will be very hard to invent something new in this area, especially equipment that can be affordable and that works in real.

I love challenges!

a very interesting competition :)

Hello friends of the dining outdoors experience!

We just had a very long and detailed half-time talk with the cologne trade fair. Everyone is very happy about the number submission (7 new submissions only in the last 24hrs) and the details of your works. We count 12 general categories:

  1. dining outdoors on the floor
  2. chairs
  3. tables
  4. combinations of chairs and tables
  5. complete dining outdoors sets or pavillions
  6. lighting
  7. shading
  8. windshields
  9. grilling (yes, the spoga+gafa is also the word’s biggest fair for grilling equipment!)
  10. kitchens
  11. plants
  12. specials like dining on the water

Some comments on your work:

-Be specific! This project is specifically on dining outdoors. So please *critically ask yourself: Is the object I propose really suitable for a dining experience?0 Of course one can sit on whatever object with a plate on their knees - like we know it from any kind of in- or outdoor party - but is this really an exclusive dining experience?

-Be complete! A chair of course is a nice object and an important element for dining outdoors. But make sure you show how this specific chair will make a unique dining experience in combination with an existing - or newly invented - table. Same thing the other way around: How will your table work together with existing - or newly invented - set of chairs? Will you be able to eat comfortably with the combination of the two?

-Be practical! 1st: Think of all the influences that dining outdoors has to deal with: wind, sun, mosquitoes etc. What solutions does your ideas offer to these outside factors? 2nd: The task defines that the objects “ should be possible to transport and store the items” and there’s been quite some questions about this so far. Most of your objects do a great job in this: Some of them can be carried by humans themselves, others will have to be brought by car or truck and to be assembled or respectively disassembled on the spot. Keep up this attitude.

-Be exclusive! garden unique is a fair for exclusive garden furniture. Does your design reflect this fact? If you could get a similar object in the Baumarkt nextdoor, it is probably not exclusive enough for the target group.

-Think culinary! To be well seated is one part of the dining outdoors experience. But with no cooking ,there’s no dining. How would your dining equipment work together with the cooking equipment? How will the dishes be prepared, served and cleared away?

Now Let’s discuss! Not only are your entries very welcome but also your comments: Dining outdoors means different things to people of different age, countries and cultures - so let’s keep up a vivid discussion on your personal experiences that will again inspire all of us for even more great and unexpected ideas. Keep the ideas coming!

Thanks Jess! really interesting and useful feedback :-)

Hei gus! May be I am wrong but as I see: most of top20 ideas are the ideas uploaded looong time ago :( Does that meat, that guys uploaded their idea recently have no chanses? May be we can check out also that ideas uploaded recently and give them some ratings, comments and advices? I'd love to have a bit more comments from community, thanks :)

Hey there burbuliss!

The idea overview is automatically set to "sort: by date" "filter: all". This way the ideas just coming in have their time at the top too!

Also, using our jovoto algorithm, a vote is taken into consideration with many other factors. Such as overall voting average, amount of votes and amount of ideas. So it doesn't mean that if you're idea is in early it will always remain at the top. The ideas just coming in have an equal chance because of the averages the algorithm weighs into it.

There is also a 1 week commenting and rating phase just so everyone can have their ideas looked over, commented and rated.- And even perhaps re-rated, incase you have to adjust your votes!

Both strategies (uploading early, uploading late) have upsides and downsides but overall there is definitely an equal opportunity for all ideas to make it!

Question: I had this idea a while back of romantic floating self contained (WC, bed, dining table) cabins to be towed out by jetski with catered meals and anchored for the night, with round the clock oncall service; intended for tranquil bays like the bioluminescent bay in Puerto Rico. Is this too similar to other ideas on here?

Good question tobiasvon!

Well I would never discourage anyone from uploading an idea!! But I would tell you to just push it in a different direction, with new features to make it stand out on its own.

Good luck!

thanks, i think i'll pass, but those who are doing it, don't forget about a Loo:)


Dear Creatives, Yesterday the first jury-meeting on the garden unique - Dinining Outdoors Project took place in Cologne in the beautiful and inspiring location of Design Post on the huge cologne tradefair site. The meeting was hosted by the garden unique responsibles Rüdiger Sprave and André Welke and the Jury Members were flying in from Berlin, Milano and Zurich to discuss the mid term-results of the project.

The concordant jury opinion is tough and constructive at the same time and can be break down into a few points:

uniqueness garden unique is a design and discussion platform to show the professional world high-end and trendsetting solutions, concepts and products. Although so far there are some nice approachs and ideas handed in we will - we all together - have to work hard, to invest in our own ideas and in the ideas of others - to reach this goal; to show the design-world that the jovoto-community is able to come up with never seen concepts and design-solutions. To help you to judge the uniqueness of your idea we will put together further inspirational blogpost for you with the help of the jury-experts.

concept As always: a great concept is the base for any great and new product. A simple sketch of an astonishing idea can be much more inspiring than a perfectly rendered thing we already know from the hardware store nextdoors. So invest in your concepts. And if it puts yourself and others in the community on fire you will then know it‘s worth investing time on technical details. Help each other by commenting ideas of others precisely. Tell the authors WHY you like or dislike their ideas so they can improve them. Also jury members will try to help you to push ideas toward excellence and execution if they believe in them.

feasability and details As mentioned in the paragraph abouve: Details are the second step after you are sure to have found an excellent idea. But then thinking your concept all the way to the end is just as important as the first step. So question yourself honestly: Is my solution technically possible, are the materials I use strong and safe enough etc. Our attempt is to present design-projects at garden unique 2012 that are realistic and that can - like in the last years project - be bought and executed by the worlds leading furniture manufacturers. - And be sure they know what to look after in detail!

This was the tough news. Now here comes the good news:

  • More time: To give you - and the jury - enough time to work on your ideas and to come up with many new ones - the submission phase will be prolongued by 2 weeks until the June, 21st 2012.
  • Concentration on one thing: The jury - in this second phase of the project - wants you to concentrate on ONE thing. So if you have a great seating situation you don‘t have to bother about a table to go with it (jury quote „who the hell needs a table“), or if you have a great idea for an outdoor kitchen don‘t bother about the chairs and tables to go with it. The jury wants to see: one item, based on an excellent idea and executed in an excellent way.
  • Can‘t carry? Don‘t worry. The jury came to the conclusion that there is no need to force your idea in to a carriable solution. So if you have an outdoor object that is aesthetically and technically fine to stay where it is - fine. As long as it helps to give the users a unique outdoor dining experience.
  • Think not only about the private use of your items, but also how it can be used by gastronomy and professional catering services. -Jury support: As mentioned the jury members attempt to help you as good as their time allows it to support your project if you manage to convince them with an intreaguing concept!

And now? Back to work!

I think this feedback change everything: no carriable solution no complete dining situation but only one thing no foldable and resealable ...

Well, we can start all over again because the votes so far were based on all these parameters. So, back to work ...

I don't quite agree Silvia. Though the feedback changes some things, not everything in your idea has to change. I think it's better coz it makes you concentrate on one item and not a lot of details as the brief had earlier stated. You don't need to start all over.

You don't have to give up, you can just push on further! You can narrow it down and give one thing or aspect special attention. The new feedback leaves room for more options!

Hei everyone! I have upploaded my first idea on jovoto! yo!!

or may a slave - just a question of mentality *-D

Congratulation, we are all winners in this contest !! yes we are *-D

Just if we are making friends and mates each other for further proejects, which may can help us to earn real money in real life. I guess this is the best you can get from jovoto - so why don't we take it and waste time to think about cooperation for next projects? And not to waste time to discuss how to be lucky in contests.

I'm sure we win much more than just a price. if we use the contacts we have all around us *-)))

please think about that and let's have good Luck











Beautiful design!!! Thank you very much Xavier for link!

Wow! This is a genious!!! Thanks Xavier for sharing :-)

have seen this on the DMY exhibition three weeks ago. really brilliant idea! and just awesome results!

And wow, this one! Great thanks for the links :-)

Hi Jess, why I can no longer see how many votes I have given and how many visits I got in no one of my projects of this contest?

me three. .I'm curious.

Hey there, Are you still having trouble? Let's chat via private message. Thanks! Jess

got the same problem, can't see how many votes I've got :(

Hey i figured it out. If I'm not logged in into jovoto I can see my vote/view count.

Yes, as you can see the vote/view count of all the others ... but not one's

please forgive me for spreading out so much love here - i am just overwhelmed by you guys - i have never seen so many amazing entrys in one project - my heart is beating so fast that i couldn't stop sharing my love - thumbs up everybody!!!!

No matter :-) but you forgot to give me some of your overwhelmed stars ;-))

hahaha! i am still not done with voting... it was just too much today... need a little break for today ;)

I know, i just spend over 6 hours for wathcing all and it seems i watched only half of all -- relay nosy baout how many entries are in this contest. it feells like over 300 !???

Me too miriam.. so many excellent ideas.. Really enjoying the creativity in both the current product contests.. :)

Thank you Jess, for the link to the exact number of entries * -))

Just a quick pray . May ppl pls start commenting on why they downrate? Last time i checked i was on p 11 with 50 votes now 55 votes and I'm on 27 oO I wouldn't mind bad votes as long as u give me a reason grrr no bday gifts for u :p as much as i love positive comments i really would like to know if u guys something don't like, understand, whatsoever Cheers, Rene

You're right, Rene! seems to be on roller coaster, you do not have time to go up (with ratings and positive comments from "true" people who likes your work) that you come back down dive with 2 or 3 votes without knowing why :-(

Nothing different to any other weekend , probably the rankings will go back to normal positions on monday

not only in this contest ... but I'm not sure that it is so easy to go back from thirteenth to top places :-(

only your works fell, works of leaders don't fall never))))))))))) It is a pity that you still understood nothing

Dear Community!

Rene has a great point. This platform should be a place to develop ideas- And to do that, it's not just positive feedback. SO, if you're going to down rate, leave a comment. You can be critical and still be positive/constructive. And it's not "mean" to say something that you don't find so great (especially if there is also a solution/suggestion included). That's how we learn and better our ideas!

Also, I'm working on extensive rating monitoring, thoroughly looking into what happened this weekend.

Thanks guys and gals, Jess

Dont worry Rene, I think (or I want to believe) that this happens beause there are still new (the last minute) ideas getting a place in the ranking. Since these have 10-20 votes, a simple 9-10* place them in a good rank moving down the ones that have been there.

That's why it is important to rate every idea, otherwise it might be unfair that one submission with 15 votes gets a great place just because only one person loved it and other submission with 150 votes would keep the same average points and cant be moving around the rank.

I hope I explained myself...

I' m afraid that only explains the position- dropping... and not the sudden change in th average ratings.

oxelot is right...this is very frustrating....happens in every contest

One month always in the top positions last 2 day drop 10 position and no comment at all. This rating system is worse then before and so far no action has been taken. I am not an expert but to hide the rating just make easy to hide also the fake voters. Congratulations to all the winners, let's hope in the jury prize :(

10 seems to be ok... from yesterday till now i was downrated 37 (!!!) positions. thats annoying, maybe my idea is not the best, but not so bad for that dropping. the voting system seems to be wrong. and like bangkok, no comments were given. it was my first entry here, maybe the last.

Don't worry Jan! It happens to everyone of us...especially during the last day for voting!!! Fortunately the jovoto team is there to find the fake voters and they are doing a pretty good job at it! :)

41 positions down in the last 6 hours! There should be a price category for that ;-) In the first week I fall from position 17 to 36, and now to 77 by three new votings. What's frustrating about it, is that the closer the end comes the more steeply I fall. Already seeing me at position 284 in the end :(

I agree... from a rank of 20 to 107 on the last day!!!!

WOW... I really think the re- and downrating has started now in big scale. ratings (not positions) were quite stable for weeks and now (since 1-2 weeks) droppin in free fall. Ideas obviously don't count anymore in this phase. Everybody just keep hunting for some Euros!

a few hours ago jess stated to have a look into the ratings and as we all know, this will take some time due to thousands of votes have to get checked :/ I know what you feel

Whoever read this opinion, violent reactions are accepted. haha (“,) I would like to agree with OBERWELZdesign and oxelot. I think ideas are compromised by the rates. Where some ideas are rated in a subjective manner but not in a objective one. I’m with you on these things happening on the competition because I feel it too. But I don’t know again. . .maybe these things will be ok soon because Jess at least gives us the assurance that things will be monitored. . I would like also to disagree with induit: “only your works fell, works of leaders don't fall never))))))))))) It is a pity that you still understood nothing” Maybe don’t look at these things on this way. Where on my opinion jovoto is a community and is not only for competition per se but also a place for development. Not only for the idea itself but to the creative as well and to create something that could be “a help” in a real world. I don’t know, maybe this are the riffle effect of the system, but still a good thing that discussions like this are recognized. Best of luck to all and again hope for the best. .have a great day ahead! (“,)

You have no other exit, you can hope only... but in vain, look at the previous competitions. Give the ideas, will win others, I think to you their names are known, why to hold competition if the winner is known from the very beginning

Are you Teigan's mother? here by whom he has taken!

hahaha nice one Silvia!

I can be everybody, but unless I am not right?

participate in competitions only for statistics

Get ready all !!! last day for voting...it's gonna get ugly

Sorry I did not find enough time to give comments at my last voting-round in this contest - just too tired now ;-) But finally I managed to vote all ideas - uff!! - and saw so many outstanding ideas and great designs, also nice gimmicks! Good luck to all of you!

Same for me here. So much submissions in this contest! Good luck to all contestants! :)

Woaah from 21 up to 128 what a nice motivation *-/

sorry 136 - seems like a winner *-)

maybe it#s the price to take steal my time to make some comments and to make differnt ones - not copy pasted - this is of course a good reason for peace ans war - so why not bash pash and away ;-)

But it kills my motiviation again - last like winter ...

only a few hours!! great submissions!

Don't know what happening....it is a crazy up and down ranking for the last five days.....with only a few rates more it is hard to believe how easily can go from 25th for example to 60th....

We are all so close, because I have 32 position of difference from one project to another with only 0.26 difference. So, I think a single vote can do the difference. Good luck

I know my position went down 5 positions during the last hours. Now we just have to keep our fingers crossed and hope for a jury prize :)

That's it, it's over guys. Now it's up to the Project Guides and Jury to have a look :)

Everyone good luck, I saw many great Ideas and a few I would buy myself! So see you all at the next Design Project.

I congratulate all participants on completion of this excellent competition!

*-)) Re: congratulation you're a winner, too !! *-))

All of us are winners!

maybe - I feel pissed off - from 21 to 140 fall in one day kills my motivation.

Be not upset the friend! I went down from the first place on 34 for couple of days. Sense not in it. Sense in that that you can show the ideas and find new friends :)

*-)) seems i found 1 Friend and 120 people to hate me fo what i show out .. *-D

Even one new friend is more expensive than 120 haters. You have excellent works, do them for friends

Dear Community,

You did a great job and we're very happy with the project! Thanks for all your support and participation.

Now, after a bumpy few days, we'll be doing some serious rating monitoring.

Next week, once this is complete we will announce the community winners AS WELL AS the Jury winners.

Please have a bit of patience that both of these processes take time.

Excited to announce the winners :-) Good luck!

Best, Jess

Thanks to You too for your work in this contest : )

Congratulations to all participants for their projects and the spirit of this competition......All projects show the high level of this one competition...!!!!!!!

It's over! No more looking up for the rating every few hours! ;-) This was my first contest and I really enjoyed it alot. Maybe I'm not in the top positions, but this allready went way better then expected with all the nice comments and all the love :) So thanks to all of you, congratulations to all the great projects and good luck to the participants!!!! :)

Hi TomekBlachut, Great to have you here :-) I'm happy to hear the positive feedback.

These may not be the final ranks though, we go through a round of rating monitoring first, then the final community winners will be announced.

Still very exciting! But you're right, you don't have to chech the ranks every few hours anymore.. you can wait until next week ;D

Best, Jess

i guess it was my last -contest - i go back to music or porno -- or what ever ... i hate it so much so see my starr falling and i just ask friendly for a look at my wall they bash me and say iI do a slidermail :-)))

Congratulations to everyone for great ideas and projects!!!! :)

i guess it was my last -contest - i go back to music or porno -- or what ever ... i hate it so much so see my starr falling and i just ask friendly for a look at my wall they bash me and say iI do a slidermail :-)))

yeah i think I might go back to catching chickens for a living!

Kakel made a funny. [sic] :)

i didn't know jovoto community before and i have to say that it could be a good community for making competition laso in the future. I don't understand how the jury works, and hoe the partecipant will be judge (is not so clear in the website i think), but i know their professionality, and i hope that their judgment will be more significant than the judgments of the friend of the friend of the friend of the partecipant (of course everyone call everyone for a good ranking position). break a leg

Congrats. to the winners.

Congratulations to all the winners and not so lucky ones


Congratulations to everybody! There are some really nice works here.

Congrats to all the winners : )

Congratulations everyone!!!! :)

Any information about the jury awards?

Hey there! Check out the winners announcement blog post. The Jury winners are also announced!


hahahah, the selection of the jury is pretty cute. i guess, it needs a bit of humor to understand it better :-))

Just for those without humor, i try to explain: Most of this submissions are clever or looking good, without doubt - but does it really justify this competition - for example a chair and table in ikea-style selected out of over 200 entries - as one of the best examples for innovation?

Don't understand me wrong, , I like the LINEA chair and table, but to claim it as one of the most innovative, novel and exclusive exhibit that came out from the competition - sorry, it feels like a slap to all the truly innovative ideas I have seen here.

But don't worry, it's just another proof, that a brief is just nothing but words - like exclusive, innovative and novel - just to kill our time *-)

The choice of jury is objective, it really corresponds to all points of a briefing and allows to receive unique gastronomic experience. There can be judges will explain the choice. Thanks, it there was a surprising competition, congratulate all participants

I always design product that can be realized tomorrow. I don't think about futuristic concept that remains only in the head of the designer. I work as a designer and as a designer i want to sell my design and not work for nothing!!! I dont care if for you it seems an Ikea project, if IKEA will want it there is gonna be 5% royalties in a world wide company !!! Search the chair of EMU, FERMOB, that are the leader of outdoor folding chair and tell me what you think. Maybe my idea of design is simply different than your KleinerIdeenautomat.

This was the decision of the Jury and if any of us have opinions about it, you can share it but there is no reason to bring specific ideas to this conversation.

Great works here. Congratulations to the winners! :)

Congrats! to all the winners..

Congratulations the winners

Congratulations to the winners and all the pretty innovations on the courts over 100;-))

congrats to all winners(",)

Congrats to all the winners! Very competitive and very creative ideas!

The exclusive exhibitors from GARDEN UNIQUE will be overwhelmed by the decision of the jury – it realy shows the future of outdoor furniture from the perspective of the jury – Technical innovation – great design and last but not least – great choice of material – These jurors show the furniture manufacturers really the way in the future.

For my part, I have NEVER seen such great furniture and great design – the selection of the jury shows the high level knowledge about products and the buyer of outdoor furniture.

This great selection of furniture will revolutionize the entire market and the exclusive furniture manufacturers are faced with new challenges. I think many furniture collections will be scrapped because of this NEW selected designs.

Keep it up GARDEN UNIQUE .

Nice ironic comment from MOCKI ;-) I really not begrudge the jury winners their win for their solid work!!!, but for me it looks like that they only want to realize cheap prototypes. The jury decisions are contrary to the brief!

I would be interested in the arguments for their desision. I think this should generally be a part of a transparent process in contests with jury involvement!!!

HE HE -- That was not meant ironically - This is the truth and nothing but the truth................... LOL Auf gut Deutsch "Da kringeln sich einem die Fußnägel hoch"............... ;-))

Wenn ich Besucher auf dieser Messe wäre, würde ich denken, dass man von einem intelligenten Schwarm ( wie auf Jovoto) wohl nichts anderes erwarten kann, als aufgekochten Mainstream *-/

He kennst Du den schon ? ................ Ein Kneipenwirt - ein Italiener und ein Schweitzer werden als Jury für Möbeldesign bestellt.................. ;-)

Hey guys, we reached out to the Jury and they will give more feedback on why they chose these ideas. But for now, it's totally unfair to be bashing a professional Jurys decision just because you don't agree.

I'm not bashing, I'm just wondering. Maybe a feedback could make the decision clearer.

As we wrote "we reached out to the Jury and they will give more feedback on why they chose these ideas."

*-) I guess we don't need to wait for a feedback - because the reason is obvious: - this are the ideas which are not too expensive to produce *-D

and now back to another weekend !! *-))

I will wait for feedback. It is very interesting to me, though there is a question why judges answer so long, after all choosing winners they knew why choose these works. Why not to prove the choice how it is made in other competitions?

Congratulations everyone!

congrats all the winners!

Dear Community,

The goal of the spoga+gafa for the garden unique - Dining Outdoors project is to create a platform which brings together manufactures, clients and creatives. In the garden unique area (at the spoga+gafa) they want to offer their visitors highly attractive content: The content of the garden unique - Dining Outdoors Project.

After the discussion about the jury winners, garden unique reminded us that not only the jury winners will shown at the spoga + gafa. Also all community winners will be presented. All submissions will be promoted to manufactures & clients, by the idea book which will be handed out to manufactures & clients as well as through the models and presentation.

Also, a last little clarification, the production cost had nothing to do with the jury members, decisions were made completely independently of each other.

As requested, below a statement from the jury members explaining their choices for the jury winners.

  1. Canorta http://gardenunique2012.jovoto.com/ideas/23326

This transportable “garden kitchen” is playing with the robust simpleness of proven systems in a useful way. It's not pretentious but reliable appearance encourages the user to take an invitation to the garden or courtyard as a spontaneous and straightforward action to tackle. Joint preparation of the meal is part of the event. Thanks to the water connection, nobody has to prepare food for the grill isolated from the rest of the group. Indestructible-looking accessories and details encourage one to as uninhibited and playful use - while the continuous design language of all the furniture and kitchen holds it all together in an ensemble with an individual character.

  1. Linea http://gardenunique2012.jovoto.com/ideas/23188

A subtle delicate garden chair and table ensamble, which promises longevity with it’s materials and the details. And also timelessness is achieved through basic forms, which go back to classic outdoor furniture range archetypes. Surprising interactions with its very own poetry can be expected through the intended Moiré- effect of overlapping strips of seat, backrest and table tops. The cautious, but at the same time consistency in the form of integrated folding mechanisms and guide rails require the testing of a prototype and, hopefully a serial production.

  1. Bottle Cooler http://gardenunique2012.jovoto.com/ideas/23227

There are quite a few felt bottle coolers out there. But this one also solves an other big problem at the picnic: the problem of inevitable toppling bottles on the lawn, meadow and beach. And it solves it in simple elegance, with quality materials supported by robust processing with durable, proven details. The apparent feasibility of this naturally appearing draft calls for implementation.

Thanks to the jury who was respectful enough to support their decisions with an explanation.

We'll keep you updated on the spoga + gafa when it rolls around! Best wishes, Jess

Thanks for feedback. Now to me it is clear, it really the best ideas in competition

Congrats to all! many good ideas!!

really nice feedback...mmm....no it isn't....hahaha

By the way...congrats Aditio, at least THE COMMUNITY, has a better taste and perspective of a great design.

It´s not about a better taste, this comes second or third! It´s more that the community rating winners are along the clients briefing while the clients choises ignore their own specifications with their choice. Sorry for these honest words, nothing against the clients chosen ideas itself - they are nice ideas and solid presentations but just simply off-brief solutions or not what the project expilicitly asked for.

Any projects soon?????

How ended the story up by this project?

Hi there lecorb, Here is a blog post we posed about the follow up with of the project: http://www.jovoto.com/blog/2012/09/dining-outdoors-at-the-garden-unique/ All the best, Jess