I'm an alien!
I'm an alien - a mobile kitchen with sink, worktop and grill.


IMA kitchen garden - mobile, easy to use and store


IMA kitchen can make a difference in a garden because it contains apratura such as grill, sink and countertop, necessary for the preparation of special foods directly outside.

Sink can be connected directly to hose 

Which problem is solved by this idea?

IMA outdoor kitchen it's more practical and more fashionable

How does your idea solve the problem?

With IMA you have now a kitchen everywhere in the yard

What's the benefit for the target group?

It's not need to build a outdoor kitchen, you just buy it, and when you don't need it, just store in garage

What could be the perfect event to implement your approach/object?

At home

How many guests can participate in your outdoor dinner?

How many you want, but for complete set, about 8 per.