Attractive outdoor dining furniture with efficiency and style.


outdoor is a lovely place to seat together and dine. and the dining sphere is the right furniture to fulfill those activities. the concept is to create functional and efficient furniture, but looks attractive and come with style. this dining sphere version is designed to accommodate up to 4 persons per unit. it is strong but lightweight so easy to carry. comes with different colors and materials to make your garden blossoming. 

updates & rendering coming soon 

What's the benefit for the target group?

comfortable, efficient with style outdoor dining.

How does your idea solve the problem?

dining sphere can accommodate 4 person, easy to set up and carry, need less space

What could be the perfect event to implement your approach/object?

outdoor party, pool party, garden party, family picnic, home backyard dining, etc.

Which problem is solved by this idea?

efficiency, functionality of outdoor dining experience

How many guests can participate in your outdoor dinner?

4 person per unit

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