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Dining outdoors with full enjoyment in any weather.

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Glade - Garden
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GLADE - Materials
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GLADE - By night
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GLADE - Inside
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Glade - Beach
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Glade - Montage
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Glade - Dimensions
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GLADE - Sketches
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Glade - Beach


My concept GLADE gives users the ability to dining outdoors with flexible protection from all weather conditions. A umbrella didn´t protect you from wind and on the other hand a pavilion is often too much protection. GLADE has got a closed side and one is more open. Depending on the weather, the tent structure can be rotated, with a slight hand movement, into the right position.

On a base, made ??of powder-coated steel, are weather-resistant wood planks mounted. This construction consists of several individual segments which are bolted together. On a guide rail running, similar to a roller coaster, small arms that are connected with the construction of the tent. In the upper part of the "tent" small slits are sewn for air circulation. Windows in the tilt will be closed with a transparent plastic film.

What's the benefit for the target group?
Comfortably dinning outdoors without sacrificing the enjoyment of the environment.
How does your idea solve the problem?
A closed and still open sculpture adapts to the weather..
What could be the perfect event to implement your approach/object?
A dinner in a private setting or in the event.
Which problem is solved by this idea?
Dining outdoors with full enjoyment in any weather.
How many guests can participate in your outdoor dinner?


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