FIRO - cooking with fire
FIRO is a portable oven with a perfect multifunctional device for outdoor cooking.


I developed FIRO because I recognized the general trend and the wish for more simplicity and nature feeling. I guess beside all that hightech of today, people need their roots to feel comfortable and cozy. So many people that uses the fire without a real need - just for the soul and ambience. We have electricity but we light up a candle, we have heatings but use fireplaces. In summertime are bbq's the most used thing and fire bowls are lighted up on almost every patio.
So actually we are cooking with fire since million of years but there is no modern version for nowadays. Everything that is ment to be modern is actually cooking WITHOUT fire. Look at the bbq. You have to wait until the fire is gone to grill your meat with the coals!!!

I had a look at all those old existing methods that really use fire. But they are all dangerous. Like the cast iron kettle on a tripod. You have to lean over the fire to handle your soup.
I was thinking: Actually there are 2 main problems to solve:
1. fire is too hot to cook directly inside --> a cover/oven is needed for the protection of the food
2. the handling should be outside the fire to safe the user --> oven in a tube-form that is used like a drawer

That was the beginning of the FIRO-idea: To use the ambient fire source for cooking in a modern way while enjoying the romantic natural feeling...  

Which problem is solved by this idea?

Each existing kind of cooking in open fire is very adventurous. FIRO allows a safe use for everyone. Besides it allows eating without any chair or table and creates new flavours next to bbq.

How does your idea solve the problem?

Once placed in the fire the FIRO-oven is open and closed like a drawer. So you'll have a safe distance to the fire while using and operating.

What's the benefit for the target group?

FIRO combines food culture with the romance of a campfire. It is a communicative way to cook with friends different kind of meals at the same time.

What could be the perfect event to implement your approach/object?

garden party on the patio, picnics at the beach or in a park, event catering... (maybe also cooking while wintertime with friends all together around the open fireplace in the living room)

How many guests can participate in your outdoor dinner?

2-12 persons by using 1 FIRO