Garden Ventilation Fan - The balance of nature
Solar Garden Ventilation Fan with lighting


In tropical areas where there is no four season, we experience hot sunny days & rain throughout the year. As for those who experience four season, summer may be a very hot season to enjoy outdoor dining. 

This design aims to provide cold air ventilation for an elevated comfort experience. Powered by solar, and during the night it provides lighting. The design targets to works as a system by combining a few units to provide an optimum ventilation outdoor, eventhough 2 units is sufficient to function proper.

This design aims to portrays the balance of nature the eco system where one units supports the other, creating the interaction between diners, where your fans creates comfort for your neighbor, while you enjoy theirs. With few units combine, with strategic positioning, it can create a good ventilation system in an big compound.

What's the benefit for the target group?

achieve better comfort & relaxation while enjoying their meal, provide shade.

How does your idea solve the problem?

A ventilation fan design that works like a leaf moving motion upwards and downwards, fanning wind to the opposite "diners", while the opposite fans back creating a design that protrays the eco system.

What could be the perfect event to implement your approach/object?

Outdoor restaurants, hotels, parties, targeting a bigger crowd rather than single household usage but bigger ones.

Which problem is solved by this idea?

provide cooling air at sunny hot days outdoor, provide shade,provide lighting in the night.

How many guests can participate in your outdoor dinner?

for a single ventilation fan, can be place a dining table, 2-3 chairs at comfort level.

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