Garden Parasol / Umbrella with integrated lighting and flooring


When Dining Outdoors, you are always faced with the discomforts of darkness, cold, rain, direct sunlight, etc. The Hexagon modules offer a solution for a number of these problems. By adding modules a unique tentscape can be shaped to fit. The modules are easy to store, transport and set up. 

The lighting is integrated and can be programmed for the event.

Which problem is solved by this idea?

To cover a larger area, either a marquee or some sort of roofing must be erected. Single modules always have the problem of water getting in through the cracks which are at the lowest point

How does your idea solve the problem?

The Hexagon modules' central stand works like a drainpipe. The rainwater is lead away under the integrated flooring. The raised edges of the umbrellas can be sealed easily, as water pressure is low.

What's the benefit for the target group?

The Parasol/Umbrella offers protection from the elements, at the same time it has a strong identity and creates an atmosphere through an integrated combination of direct & indirect lighting.

What could be the perfect event to implement your approach/object?

Garden restaurants, Premium Events, Private Homes

How many guests can participate in your outdoor dinner?

6 per module

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