Feast for the Senses (Work in Progress)
Feast for the Senses


An exclusive dining event is all about tickling the senses! With that in mind, this table has been designed to appeal to all the senses - the crackling sound of the barbeque, the scent of the fragrance in the air, the heat of the fire, the cool of the ice. And last but not least, the taste of the food itself!
The table can be used either as a serving table for food and drinks. Or you could bring some chairs and dine at it - it will seat 6 people comfortably.

The removable bowl has 3 functions depending on the occasion.
Drinks Cooler
When filled with ice, it can be used to cool champagne at special events or any other drinks.
A standard portable barbeque can be used to prepare starters and main courses. The top surface of the tabletop will most likely be ceramic to prevent it from burning. The rest of the tabletop will be of a lighter material to keep weight down.
Dry Ice/Scent Diffuser
The chef is able to enhance the diners' experience by choosing scents that compliment each course. The scent is mixed with water and poured over the dry ice to give a magical appearance! The bed of moss would hold the condiment dishes.This is currently being done at The Fat Duck restaurant by Heston Blumenthal. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPQji3bGgxw