* eat local*
Let’s share unique outdoor experience & recipes with millions of people through web 2.0 platform


Let�s share your amazing outdoor experience with millions of people!

*eat local* is an web2.0 based internet based platform.

As easy as using an app on your mobile phone, now you could detect which nature items are edible in your surroundings.  

With an existing tool, facebook, twitter, chatting, and more, *eat local* is a place to exchange information about wild food, new recipes, new way of eating, how to enjoy in the outdoor experience with the most fresh items ever and even it doesn�t cost any.

We would like to contribute to open the new door and potential for an excellent local food culture in your area. 


Now you go to the lake, field or even urban environment, you will be able to find tasty ingredients. *eat local* could also support to develop a unique and innovative food culture to your local area.  


Overall scope, the idea of *eat local* is infinite with diverse level of *eat local* content, there are many other way to evolve on its own. One of the many ideas is to expand into specialized product development such as smart cooking tool to enhance the outdoor experience more.  Along with them, OEM products, 3rd company products, auction, trip together with people you meet, fishing and bbq tour�.dream and opportunity keep expanding.

Roots with appreciation to our nature, eat local suggests for a social oriented, sustainable, and exciting food culture.

Which problem is solved by this idea?

You can find which items/products are edible in your surroundings nature. With a joy of tasting truly local flavour, eat local becomes a creative resources toward a development of your own cuisine as well as contribution to your local food culture.

How does your idea solve the problem?

By using power of internet, eat local database will give you a solid advice for edible items.
It is people oriented platform which has lots of room to expand for taste and recipe library.

What could be the perfect event to implement your approach/object?

For your unique outdoor eating and taste experience, anytime and anywhere, depends on your mood