a serious approach for the Bundesregierung.


Update: on design 2. don´t know if Angela Merkel is a trekki but anyway...start a dialogin  the digital world!

a serious approach for the Bundesregierung.

in politics every voice counts....
in the internet every click counts...
on jovoto its even the same ;)

UPDATE: since this is about german youth. their internet their live, their fears, their way of living with internet-  speaking about angry things like " Gewaltvideos in der Schule " crazy fun stuff like Internet Flash Mobs ... all the things german youth is doing " the good the evil"..older people  and experts cant understand but try to... 

so this is to get them at the table for dialog internet. A LOGO LIKE A TEENAGER.  honest,painful,brave,dazed&confused,heartwarming,sensitiv,offensiv ;)

even a kid givs you this finger, take the kid serious,he might has something to say!!!

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