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Create disruptive idea to introduce world’s largest B2B e-commerce service!!

$13,000prize pool

Create disruptive idea to introduce world’s largest B2B e-commerce service!!


Imagine for a moment you’re a global business that makes widgets and sells them the world over. In order to run your business you need to connect to suppliers, design partners, distributors or banks, so you can design, manufacture and deliver your widgets efficiently. You need to have confidence that all the electronic details involved with your business (e.g. invoices, design specs, orders, payments, etc.) get through to your partners accurately, securely and timely.


The company that does this is GXS. They do this for manufacturers, retailers, financial institutions and other enterprises.  It is their job to make sure when a transaction is made within a business, it is completed across the entire partner network (i.e. the supply chain). GXS handles half the world’s transactions (!) every day. They are one of the world’s largest data and transaction companies yet they are not a well-known brand. Why? This is because what GXS does happens invisibly, nearly imperceptibly, to the untrained eye. 


People who are aware of GXS are in the Information Technology (IT) community. In 2011 GXS ranked 73rd in the Information Week 500, a list of the top technology innovators in the US. They ranked 3rd among IT Companies, ahead of IBM, and Dell. Despite these rankings, and their early adoption of ‘cloud-based’ services way before most people even talked about cloud, and bringing data technology beyond the original Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) offerings that it began with 40 years ago – GXS is unjustly perceived as an ‘old tech provider’ in a world of newer technologies. Far from the truth!


Companies you’ve heard of like Oracle and SAP rely on companies like GXS to carry gigantic transactions and ‘Big Data’ between trading partners who use their software. Movie studios use GXS to move digital media securely; global banks rely on GXS to complete their interbank transactions. GXS ‘completes’ the relationships between all these businesses to allow them to work together. Without GXS, business doesn’t happen for 95% of the supply chains in the world. Yes, it’s that critical. 


What sets GXS apart from the competition is their “GXS Trading Grid” technology. This is the world’s most powerful cloud-based technology built exclusively for B2B e-commerce. Over 400,000 businesses in 50 countries use GXS Trading Grid every day to transfer their goods, money and information with their customers, suppliers and service providers. It is an end-to-end solution for clients.


Customer benefits of using the “Trading Grid”:

  • Connects to global network of businesses – GXS has a global presence in 20 countries throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.  This is a critical capability for GXS customers many of whom have multinational supply chains in which goods are manufactured in China then shipped to the EU or US for sale to an end consumer or business.
  • Large selection of cloud applications to help run a business.
  • Lowers Costs — By taking on the expense of managing B2B infrastructure.
  • Keeps Projects on Schedule
  • Improves Customer Service — Connecting companies with their customers makes a business more responsive than competitors. 
  • Focuses Core Business Objectives — Keeps companies focused on what they do best rather that dealing with the complexities of B2B e-commerce infrastructure.

Task Definition

Come up with a disruptive communications idea for the GXS Trading Grid that will change the perception of the GXS brand from “outdated and uncool” to innovative. This means communicating a message in more innovative way. This is about translating complex business notions into clear “aha, I get it” moments for people. Build awareness and make the GXS Trading Grid cool. The GXS business is complicated and hard to explain, they want a communications idea that simplifies their offering in a surprising way. 

The tech sector is filled with boring lukewarm advertising. GXS wants ideas which make people stop and take notice. They break through the proverbial clutter by attracting attention. Leave a lasting impression, or cause the audience to stop and think. Ideas can be expressed in any media - video, social, guerrilla, mobile, experiential, online, offline, traditional, non-traditional. You have free range, as long as ideas build on GXS equity, their history or core competencies (e.g. communicate the “cloud” differently). An example of this is what Geico Insurance has done with their Gecko Campaign (see example below) - in this case, exaggerated humor paired their brand message (“15 minutes save you more”).

Successful ideas will serve as a foundation for ongoing communications.

Target Group

GXS want ideas to be relevant to businesses, decision makers at those businesses and journalists covering the tech sector.  In this list the customer is first and foremost.

  1. The ideal prospect for GXS is a manufacturing company that produces food/beverage, apparel/footwear, auto parts, computers, telecom equipment, pharmaceuticals or medical/surgical supplies. The best customers are those with $1 billion or greater in annual sales, a publicly traded stock and a recent history of merger & acquisition activity.
  2. The decision maker is typically an IT Director or a Chief Information Officer.  The IT Director is typically responsible for a broader set of technology than just B2B e-commerce. What is important to them? improving the efficiency of their supply chains, improving customer satisfaction, and driving growth.
  3. Journalists/Analysts in the tech sector (e.g. Information Week, CIO Magazine, Gartner, Forrester). 

The primary ways prospects discover the brand is through:

  • Their web site
  • Recommendations from industry analysts in the technology sector


  • Fun
  • Edgy
  • Surprising
  • Not boring
  • Inspirational
  • Memorable
  • Simple
  • Revealing
  • Educational 

Mandatory requirements

Successful concepts will include: 

  • The GXS Trading Grid (must reference, show or mention)
  • GXS name and logo 
  • An execution/campaign that is relevant and conspicuous
  • The GXS website 

Check out these examples of creative and eyecatching ads. 

Download material

Click on the following links to download working material and additional information related to the project.


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I really hope you have find some how a way to make sure voting is fair in public contests, because after the CISCO fiasco it gives no pleasure to participate in public contests,... but any way, let have fun!

I hope to see your submission for this challenge. This is going to be a really fun contest to guide. As always though the ratings are always gone through to make sure that there is not messing around in them

public contests are self correcting due to the high number of ratings. it's the private contests that are more crooked and unfair. jovoto won't admit that, but it's just basic statistics.

Oh Teigan, the voice of truth and reason! Always nice to see that you are stepping in to give your expert opinion about the contests and the community here at jovoto.

teigan- the jovoto martyr .

what exactly is / was the "cisco fiasco"?

Ooooh I´d LOOOVE to participate in this contest .. if only I ´d understand what it´s all about! :D haha, sorry, I´m not really into tech-things, but I´ll give it a try ;-)

No worries: We are looking for an eye catching and innovative communication / advertising strategy for GXS to get the word out about their Cloud Grid System. :)

and I have no idea what a "cloud grid system" might be :D But maybe Elvis knows...

well u can make animations in your avatar, so that's worth something.

Hey Cassandra, these examples of "creative and eyecatching ads" are all tv-spots does this mean they want a commercial? Or can we also go for a print campaign?

No it does not mean only commercials. These were just the best way that we felt that we could get the idea across of the types of concepts that we were referencing. : )

very good :) then i'm going to make some ideas :D

So do they want an campaign idea that advertise the entire company and all their products or just something that focuses more on the GXS Cloud Grid System

Hello karerickann - They are looking for something more in line with showcasing the GXS Cloud Grid System.

Sounds interesting. Unfortunately it's a public contest. Maybe next time GXS.

Hey everyone!

Remember that they are looking for something that it SUPER eye catching! We wanted the viewer to remember the company and the concepts behind it. This can be catchy guerrilla advertising or really anything at all! Remember to keep pushing the barriers of the norm to really get GXS out there!

: ) : )

I wonder why nobody realised, that you gave us a squeezed version of the logo... Could you please supply us with the original? Thx.

I have checked it and did not see the issue but I have updated the image just to make sure that all is getting the correct files.

Yes!! Now it´s correct. Thank you. ;o)

I think it would be fair that the photo credits are mentioned. I see a lot of stock photos without any description and some voters think the designs are originals.

Cassandra please mail this to the participants.

Hello all -

Everyone should already know that they are not allowed to use others work with out giving them full credit. That is stated in the project terms when you all go to submit work to any contest.

It is okay to use the work as long as they are getting the credit that they deserve for it. This is also fair for the client as well to know ahead of time that if they want to license your concept that they will have to re-shoot the photo or find the owner of the photo in order to use it.

If you al have any other questions please let me know.

Thanks : )

Very useful comment, especially in case product use,

do i have to mention it in the credits when i use a stock photo but i bought it? i mean just in case of fotos i included in the artwork?

does this involve making a new logo as a suggestion? just wondering if they are tied to their logo or not. if so, could you provide information on the logo-- as in, what is it supposed to represent?

There is not a request for a redesign of their logo. They are looking for a creative out there way to get the GXS name more out there and also to do it in an in your face type of way.

Hello Jovoto's talented people ! As i previous mentioned to Cassandra, i'm a little worried about ratings coming up from new users and feel like some of our ideas will become over rated and will push us up in the rankings only to drop to extreme after jovoto's monitoring of the votes. Should the level of karma be higher to allowed their votes ? I really don't want to get involved with users that are chasing a high level of karma just for some suspicious purposes. we all work hard for our ideas and i'll admit it feels really good when you receive the maximum grade for that idea but in the same time i don't want to be some collateral victim of these practices. any other opinion ? cheers and good luck guys !

I will be looking through the ratings this week and contacting you if you are not rating fairly within this contest.

Cassandra, is our idea meant for the German or American market in the first place? There is no mention in the brief and it would be important to know, since some of us are working with German heads and wordplays which won´t work the same way in English...

The submissions hold the possibility to be used in multiple areas of the world. We left is unspecified to not allow you all to design and create as you see fit.

Ooh, your answer is a bit unclear - in other words: German is welcome, too?

Hey guys!

Keep in mind that there is only 7 days left to submit your ideas!!! Keep you the great work and submissions.

again i am asking as nobody ansered my question:

do i have to mention it in the credits when i use a stock photo but i bought it? i mean just in case of fotos i included in the artwork?

thank you!

Hey suyani,

Yes. Please credit, so it's clear it aren't your own pictures.

cheers, jeroen

Same here.

I see so many fake accounts. It really is disgusting. But there is a second problem. Much of the fake accounts vote for the same people every time in diffrent contests. So they manipulate the whole system.

the disgusting thing is that some of us are pure victims in this **** process of manipulation. i see my idea taking a lot of stars from this users and when i check them i see also what they "disliked" . and it's so "strange" that these are ideas that were in front of some user - i will not mention his name as it's just a feeling that i have and since i'm no detective i can only hope that jovoto staff will know better what is messy here. a couple of weeks ago i spoked wiht cassandra and told her about this thing and she told me that jovoto staff know about these new comers and their practice and will take care of them. i have a number 1 idea and the satisfied feeling is missing because of all these fake voters - is my idea really that good or was just lifted up by all this manipulation process that some users try to do .................

i haven't noticed until this morning what is going on and i must say that this is aweful... and i have to say to you mi5hel that you are the last person who has to feel bad here - you had the best idea - that is obvious! so if you win you win because you deserve it! there is no doubt! i am just wondering why all this manipulaton happens around one person only??? imo this is not a coincidence - i just send a list to the contest guide with people disliking my idea and the ideas of others to support and love just one other idea - shame on all these people! i hope that this ends fair! that doesn't mean that i need to be one of the best - that means that we have contests together where everybody has iqual chances, were everybody gets what he deserves... and that people who are obviously manipulating have to find another platform to play kindergarden... that was definitely my last open contest!

thank you ! i will also write (again) to jovoto staff. this is not about me. i'm in a safe place due to high rate of grades coming from real users and veterans from here and that can only make me happy that my idea got some attention from people who have truly something to say around here. that guy has an army of friends ( or multi accounting) who are spreading dislikes on every idea around his. that's a fact that can be verrified and really hope that some measure willl be taken by jovoto staff.

it's very sad that some people use this way when are trying to get up, I already wrote to Cassandra... I could discover just one of these "ghosts"... not's easy to know who are this people.... I really hope the final results will fair.... greets and good luck to all who are participating on a fair way....

Hello everyone -

Thank you for all coming to me with the issue either through PM or though here. I am currently looking in to the ratings very closely on multiple contests, and will make sure that all points are addressed with the users who are involved.

Remember that if there are any other major issues to contact me or the support center and things will get adressed ASAP. : )



mmh, i guess the best idea to win 1st Prize - 3.000$ at jovoto:

  • upload a black point on a white slide
  • create about 500 e-mail adresses ( no cost - very easy)
  • sign up with about 500 different names
  • win 3.000 $ in about 5 hours. which is a very good Honorary. Compared to fool like us who strive many many hours and days to work a good idea.

maybe you think i have a criminal mind? No!! i think only economically. even the client give a shit for the good idea, Sorry, but the sign, to pay 750$ less for the best idea, he needs to use ( or waste ;-)) his is indeed very very kinky :-)))

but i ike it, and for sure, good to know for some next contests ;-))

500 Accounts = 500 VPN for different IP wow that's not that easy or cheap, because only a reconnect of your internet wont work... (hostmaster provider etc.)

Seriously here is a copy of my comment I made under the idea of solo and I think everyone should leave the "who is a cheater" work to the Jovoto Staff!


Guys, as I read the Comments above please don't be to harsh, this can happen to anyone of us. You can also see it from the other side, maybe someone creates 10 fakes accounts and votes just solo up and everyone else down so everyone is thinking he did this on purpose.

Honestly I don't think you can be so stupid and have a bunch fake accounts(or stupid friends) and make them the same home town as myself... you know guys he must run to 10 different internet shops or use a vpn or whatever but its more stress then its worth, because the stuff will anyway see who is fake and who not. (how often someone logs-in, when, etc)

No one of us, correct me if I'm wrong, is a Lawyer and and can say with 100% correctness what's going on in the Contest(s). So from my side, yes it is frustrating but as long as you are not judged by a courtyard(or jovoto Staff) as a cheater you are innocent that's what my country says, and I like it that way.

Peace and most of all

Have a Merry Christmas


Btw i think the Contest Briefing is not the right place for this.

Merry Xmas

and now go ahead vote me down haha :P

? there are a lot of apps which change your IP with every e-mail or every minute.
and what i'm talking is a experience from contests i did since 3 years for for music ( remix- and producer-contests) , but the problem is all the same, look the beatport contests, they are famouse for such fake accounts. The best example was to remix for fat boy slim last year. there was about 1.000s of fake accounts for voting at beatport. but they only found about 40.!!!
But all this big huslte for nothing, because fat boy slim himself choose his favarotis at the end. So i reachend a Place in the area of 1.450 by votings, but got place 5 from Mr. fat boy slim himself .
And this is what i miss here. we create for a ghost, why isn't the client giving about 50% ( or something) of his votes, too? Or in other words, why is the client paying money, even some entries are far away from the brief?
So sorry, In my opinion, to give the prizes just without any filter from the community is a kindergarten.

jovotans member should not rate other members ? i think the whole ranking system should be deleted , how come an opponent rate me honestly ,, i think it is impossible ? so i suggest jovoto should assigns the rank to a third party only ( experts ) who can not participate in the challenge

congratulate all the winners!!!

thank you all of you guys for support, comments,ratings and all the feedback. congratulation to all for all the hard work.

congrats to all the lucky winners..........