Control. Organization. Efficiency.


The hive IS the grid; relaying information in the most effective & productive manner.

Gieco has the Gecko, Aflac has the duck..I have a queen bee concept for GXS. Inspired by nature and the methods are proven. Bees have developed a system that rivals our best in complexity and surpasses it in efficiency. GXS operates much like a beehive...

Update: Nov. 17
Today I came across an interesting book called "The Wisdom of Bees: What the Hive Can Teach Business about Leadership, Efficiency, and Growth".

A little bee love: Bees truly are small marvels. They can count (up to four) and recognize faces. They can categorize visual stimuli and form abstract rules of �same� and �different.� They can spontaneously recall information and have a robust working memory that enables them to temporarily store, and patch together, multiple pieces of sensory information. If bees had cell phones, they could talk and fly at the same time without incident.