Money from the sky
Real dollar bills guerrilla!



// Keeps companies focused on what they do best rather that dealing with the complexities of B2B e-commerce infrastructure//

- Briefing customer benefit -

What companies know to do best is to make money with their products/services.

Basic Idea


As money is the main task of a business(or at least most of them) the concept will play with it using the campaign budget in a particular way.


The money will be invaded with the campaign messages(tear off stickers) and it will be given to the target group in different ways for them to feel the concept direct and to the point; it might be bold or crude but for sure will be remembered.


�The concept

Money comes from the sky!



Cause GXS Trading Grid takes care of all your business to business network process in the world's biggest b2b networking cloud, so, "you just have to do what you know to do best " and the money will come to you from the sky.  Got it?!




Nowadays money comes from the sky!



The world's biggest B2B networking cloud.



GXS Trading Grid



Got it?!

*The claim in english has double meaning:


- Got it as "if you understand" the GXS Trading Grid.

- Got it as "if you have" the GXS Trading Grid in your business.




- Real $1 to $20 dollars bills in the streets around the target's offices and main preferred places where they constantly go for business.


- Throw away from the sky(from the top of the buildings) real $1 to $20 dollars bills in a main business place full of target people.


- Put in target's windows cars $100 dollars bills($300-$500).



- Personalized bunch of bills sent to main target's "VIP" people($2500)



- For specialized subscribe magazines an ad with a real $100 bill.

- A grid made of one path line that creates from the top of the page a dollar bill and end connected at the bottom with the GXS Trading Grid logo.


- Flying bills in webpages that can be taken with clicks to be exchanged with GXS Trading Grid services*.


* All the money bills invested in the campaign are meant to be exchanged with GXS Trading Grid services, even thought the target can keep that money for their own personal propose.




//Peter is walking in a main street. Some friend of him appears//



- Hey!



- Hi Peter!, how are you being doing?



- Great!, Thanks!, I'm doing what I know to do best!, the rest of the job is being taking care by GXS Trading Grid. (meanwhile he says this a bunch of money starts raining over him and he catch every bill with fast forward effect).


//Then, we see that Peter's friend stands stills with a "funny dumb amazed open mouth face"//



- Got it?!


//Offline voice//Screenshot//


- Nowadays money comes from the sky!

- GXS Trading Grid

-The world's biggest B2B networking cloud.

- Got it?!


The shot returns and we see Peter's friend that instead of being raining money over him is raining water on him - the funny ending -


*(The spot can be done win men-men, women-women or men-women as well).

More coming soon... work in progress...