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GXS is about making safe, fast and secure connection for any kind of transaction between different places. so why not say, you are as close as you were there personally, acting for your own, on the side to your (business-) partner or whoever ... because with the connecting technology of GXS you are there, too! Punctual, safe & fast.... 

images show a internet conference situation, the people are looking to you, similar to skype conference & so on... but because of GXS technology you are like being in the middle of action imaginary, so you transmitting, presenting, talking your information, goods or money as you are there personally...  but you are at this moment somewhere other, shown through the person is different to the others, woman with towel, man with bathrobe & coffee, eating something, relaxing clothes... infinite possibilities 
(besides business images i could also imagine family conferences additionally...)
& btw i think it's easy to adapt for TV spots too!!!!!!

the copy is very similar to a part of the briefing, including gxs benefits 

images are only to visualize the basic idea, it's time-consuming to search after best suitable pictures & i just haven't so much time, hope you get it nevertheless :)
© pictures googled  

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