Viral Campaign: REAL LIVE INVISIBLE ARTIST! (Liu Bolin, from China-- read description.)
The camouflage painter, Liu Bolin, will paint himself "into" depictions of GXS Grid transactions!


"Invisible. Powerful." Please read the description, as it is important to the campaign.

This entry directly addresses the task description request for a new captivating character along the lines of the examples given from other companies. After you see this artist's work, you do not want to look away! But, the secret to this disruptive, attention-grabbing power is that he is invisible-- just like the GXS Trading Grid.

You would need to hire Liu Bolin, the 35 year old artist from Shandong, China, a painter -- the man pictured in this image, which I got from Yahoo! This man is very famous, and you could have him do some photo shoots for the campaign. The idea is that you show him in situations where the invisibility is a POSITIVE spin on the fact that you've been around forever-- just like the handshake. This slide is ONLY an example of a LOT of things this man could be. Here are a few more ideas:

You would also have the Chinese painter pose for giving a client the invisible GIFT BASKET, having the invisible LUNCHEON with clients, and a handing a client an invisible BUSINESS CARD... all face-to-face things in a B2B e-commerce world. There are many other scenarios that Liu could paint himself "into."

It does not matter how complicated the situation is, Liu can paint himself into it! See the examples in the last slides.

So, there are no pictures of the Chinese man doing any of those other things, and this picture the "client" isn't smiling-- but you get the idea, right?

I would LOVE to see one of him painted into clouds!

I think it is VERY IMPORTANT TO THIS IDEA TO HIRE THE ACTUAL CHINESE GUY IF POSSIBLE. He is somewhat of an Internet sensation, and I think that the GXS potential clients would be familiar with him. He is the answer to the contest's task of finding a viral/disruptive sensation (like the Geico Gecko or the Progressive Flo or the Aflac Duck).

I think you could actually hire "any" Chinese guy to do this because people wouldn't necessarily know the difference-- but wouldn't it be AWESOME to find the actual guy?!

So excited about this becoming a reality. I think it's an awesome idea, so please do provide comments. It goes way beyond the simple "invisible" idea bc it grabs that viral aspect. Please also consider using "INVIS-ABLE" instead of "invisible"... I did not use that that way on my slide, but only bc I wasn't sure if people would get the play on words, so I figured I'd just describe it.

This campaign would mainly run on the Internet, but would make a nice TV spot, too. People tend to stare at Liu's images for A LONG TIME. Perfect!

Thank you much!

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