The internationally known company of hardworking bees, on their daily work with GXS Trading Grid.


I thought a lot of ants, but finally I figured out that bees are the better workers. So I decided to show them in your campaign. While I was working on the concept my mind starts spinning and I had ideas like the phrase "Bee2Bee". Though my graphics are not very good, I think the concept behind it, gives a lot of open space to create marvelous campaigns. I would recommend to publish that stuff in some specialist magazines and also try to implement a viral campaign like you suggest in your briefing. I had an idea about a script, which has the potential in my opinion: Two scientists study the behaviour of bees and after a while they discover a sensation... There is one bee that seems to sit in front of honeycomb, that is a monitor which shows the GXS Trading Grid Frontend. 

The website of GXS needs some code breaking. Even if CTO's understand the codes, they would be grateful to read amusing, fresh Infotainment, even if it is a serious topic.

I hope you like my ideas.

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