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Advertising will catch you off guard at times and really stick you. You feel like you have to pass the word on that you have seen or saw something that really grabbed your attention. These types of advertisiments are tried time and time again but they don't always work. But when they do - it is amazing how many people know the ads and the company ( E.G.The  Aflac Duck).


The Task:


GXS is a global technology company that handles half the world’s transactions every day! Their Cloud Grid System allows transactions made within a business to be completed across the entire partner network aiding in global businesses supply chains. Over 400,000 businesses in 50 countries use GXS Trading Grid every day to transfer their goods, money and information with their customers, suppliers and service providers. With that, it is the world’s most powerful cloud-based technology built exclusively for B2B e-commerce. 


With jovoto, they are looking to find a disruptive communications idea for this specific grid system that will change the perception of the GXS brand from “outdated and uncool” to innovative.  Join us in creating a communications idea that translates complex business notions into clear “aha, I get it” moments, builds awareness and makes the GXS Trading Grid cool.  Something that really captures peoples' attention and makes the name GXS stick with their audience, IT Professionals.  



The Prizes:

A total of $13,000 in prize money goes to the top rated ideas submitted to the contest!


Awarded ideas