Go For Gold!

On the occasion of the Olympic Games London 2012, design the cover image of the "DERTOUR live" catalog!


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Mit den folgenden Links kannst Du Logos, Material zur Unternehmenskommunikation und zusätzliche Informationen zum Contest herunterladen.

Da wurde was verschluckt, nämlich die Frage, ob noch etwas kommt, wie z.B.: Logo(s), CD/CI-Guidelines und ähnliches. Bisher ist nur ein Link zum Katalog 2008 vorhanden.

Viele Grüße, joelo

Hey Joelo, you don't need any logos etc. - it is really just about the design: we're not looking for a final cover with all the logos, headlines etc., it is really just about the design. The only thing you have to include is the text that's required in the briefing (London 2012 Olympic Games).

Habe das auch gerade gemerkt. Der Downloadlink wäre noch ganz sinnvoll. Ich habe da aber noch eine andere Frage dazu. Und zwar, es heißt das Olypische Symbole nicht verwendet werden dürfen. Speziell geht es mir um die Flamme. Wenn diese jedoch komplett abstrakt dargestellt wird, zum Beispiel aus Buchstaben oder ähnlichem, also jede nur erdenkliche Flamme/Fackel sein könnte die jemand in der Hand hält, dann dürfte da doch eigentlich kein Lizensproblem auftauchen. Würde mich über Rückmeldung freuen.

Liebe Grüße,


hey nano, unfortunately you cannot use the symbols, not even in an abstract way... but that's kind of the challenge - illustrate the Olympic theme without using the traditional symbols! Very curious about the submissions...

okay. thank you. now i have to strain my brain again.

So it's totally forbidden to use any olympic symbols or just we should be carefull to not overlap the particular designs approved for some of the official opympic logos? I mean - the design of the rings, medals and flames is different every year - does this restriction say we should consider the particular design's licensing rights, or generally to not use ANY style of plympic rings, flames and medals?

Das ist eine schöne Aufgabe. Bin sehr gespannt.

Wenn hier mal nicht der olympische Gedanke zählt! ;)


OOO OO 2012 DERTOUR LONDON und jetzt nur noch alles zusammen bringen : ))

what amazing challenge, great opportunity, good luck everyone!!!

Hm äußerst interessante Aufgabe,. Mal sehen was mir dazu einfällt.

Can we download that "live" logo?

hi slowmove, no, you don't need any logo. unleash your creativity, come up with a cover design and just put the required text on it ;)

Was ist denn mit den Bildrechten, falls man ein Composing erstellt? Da ja gleich Druckfähige Daten erstellt werden sollen. Bezahlt die DERTour? Oder fallen dann Bildideen gleich flach?

Hallo Nicklars, grundsätzlich gilt, dass Du bei Einreichung Deiner Idee sowieso zu der Verwendung der Motive berechtigt sein musst, sei es per Erwerb der Bildrechte (Stock Photos etc.) oder durch Verwendung von Creative Common License-Bildern. Dazu kannst Du hier mehr erfahren: http://support.jovoto.com/faqs/rights/do-i-have-to-have-the-rights-for-the-pictures-i-use-on-jovoto und hier http://www.jovoto.com/blog/de/2009/05/using-photos-on-jovoto-on-copyright-and-political-correctness/

Für diesen speziellen Contest gilt: DERTOUR ist prinzipiell bereit, Bildrechte zu kaufen, wenn sie eine Idee lizensieren wollen - solange sich die Kosten im Rahmen halten. Es ist aber natürlich wie immer besser, eigenes Material einzureichen.

Aesthetically challenged 'London-2012-Olympics' logo, curious when one considers its outrageous cost to the taxpayer of several hundreds of thousands of pounds, not to mention its fascist looking overtones - is this the future? http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_Ee8rTXgrS-M/SiVT9qCSpoI/AAAAAAAAAe0/SdS8v242Z5U/s1600/olymp.gif

yes, the logo is very disputed... but, fascist overtones? Don't really see that, isn't that a bit far-fetched?

You've got to be kidding me?! That's the logo?! Is that final? It's simply terrible.

ich würde gerne eine idee hochladen, der upload funktioniert aber nicht. (ein jpg unter 3 MB läd jetzt schon 30 minuten?) was nun?

check your inbox ;)

sehr gute Aufgabenstellung, was meine Kreativität gleich anregt =)

werd mich gleich an meinen Entwurf ransetzen und aktiv werden =)

Viel Glück euch allen!

I can't read German and I can't translate this page for some reason. Can you tell me how many pixels by how many pixels the size needs to be? I am confused about the mm dimensions mentioned.

On the bottom of this page you find the button English and if you click on it, you actually should be able to see the English translation. As to the dimensions: 210x280mm at a resolution of 300dpi equals 2480x3307px. The easiest way to convert dimensions is to fill in the original mm-size in e.g. photoshop and then switch to inch/px. You can also use a converter on the internet, which is a bit more complicated though: http://www.acropper.com/cc/general/res_calcs.htm hope this helps!

Thanks nsonne. Unfortunately, the English button leaves a bit to be desired. I think it has to do with how people upload things. For example, in the Story Spark contest, if people upload images of text then of course I am left out!

That's true. But we keep on encouraging everybody to speak German and it's getting better every day... and don't hesitate to ask people to speak in English if you don't understand them!

Haha, I think that's a typeo :)

Haha. And it took me 24hours to find it. English, English!

Is anyone else having trouble uploading a pdf?

hey supershop, the image formats you can upload on jovoto are: PNG, JPG and GIF. PNG guarantees best quality. Maximum size: 5 MB. Unfortunately, you cannot upload PDF's.

I am having trouble uploading anything. Do you know about any technical problems right now?

sorry for the late answer. did you manage uploading your idea now or can I be of some help? just contact me directly via private message.

Half-time - 16 days to go! We're seeing some killer ideas here, and it seems like every second more and more ideas keep on coming in! Just to make sure we stay on track, please remember the following: _ We love all the London images - the focus should be on Olympia however, so try not to put the city into the center of attention. _ The design shouldn't be divided into small sections as it has to catch people's eyes in the travel agency. It should also grant the possibility to be drawn to a smaller scale (for ads etc.) _ The images need to have a high resolution to be ready for print. Looking forward to the last 2 weeks!

now all proposals didn't matching this and the other rules oft the briefing (like no olympic symbols) should be deleted to have only the proposals wich can be used in the rating.

No, not at all. The closer the submission sticks to the requirements, the more likely it is going to be chosen by the company and rewarded with the license fee. However, we keep on saying that ideas don't have to stick to the briefing 100%, that is ideas that aren't completely on the task will still not be excluded from the community rating (we believe that the community rating reflects how well the idea is thought through anyway)..

ah well. thats a really nice concept! in my opinion it works mostly. but there are also a few proposal with olmpic rings and so one. and if they're placed better than some other very good proposals the company may not see the other good ones or are they looking at any proposal? i can't imagine that. but all in all, i like the community and jovoto. and i want to get better and better. and then maybe, i could join the privates. maybe. greetimgs from germany!