Your baton - Become part of the Olympics - Concept Description


Your baton - Become part of the Olympics

The catalog of Dertour is the link between the customer and a trip to the 2012 Olympics to Britain. Therefore, using the idea of the media catalog to establish a direct connection between the customer and the Olympics.

If the idea is the title format in conjunction with a media idea. Here, the catalog itself becomes slack and involves the customer directly with the issue of the catalog.

The title of the catalog is made from a special material. Micro-wood - an extremely flexible and thin wood. (Www.microwood.com/) All headings and logos can easily be printed on the timber.

The catalog will now be rolled up and passed a baton to the customers.

Sun cardboard cutout rich in travel agents and guards dressed as Queen promoter in the client stations on the baton as an invitation to the Olympics in 2012."Become part of the Olympics!"

The picture above is just a teaser - The visualization is coming soon.

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