The Water Pyramid - Powered by happy tourists?
A pyramid consisting of 4 pillars and a water-tank in wood. Powered with solar/wind/human energy.


The pyramid consists of 4 or more pillars in a pyramid form. With pedals connected to a rotor vacuum will be created in a container under ground level, and from there a hollow pipe with water-tight telescope-design (foldable and easy to transport) will allow the water to travel upwards with the same vacuum technique. Small holes in the pillars will distribute the water over large areas if the vacuum is strong enough. Otherwise it will just drip right down from the openings, and that would work too if there are enough pillars. The water could also be pushed from the bottom with a boat propeller, which could probably also be driven with pedals.

The whole construction could be made to turn freely 360 degrees. This is possible if you attach wheels or some kind of ball-bearing design with tracks in the ground  to the bottom of the curved pillars.
If the wheels would need tracks, you could design a big, circleformed balloon in a decent material, for easy transportation and eco-friendly construction.(Rubber grows on trees)
If you think even further and attatch big solar panels on them it could both gather the power of the sun and the wind simultaniously, while spreading water all over the place with only 4 pillars. From a big construction there would be plenty of leftover power to use in automated cattle systems and so on.

The inside of the center contractable pillar could look like a screw, and therefore extending it when it turns a certain way. When the "screw tracks" end it would reset because of gravity working together with a "release mechanism" and low friction screw tracks. This would create vacuum and therefore bring up water in the pipe. This Technique is best done with many small pipes bundled up into one, for the "straw effect" or in Swedish "kapilärkraft". The potential energy in the wind would be very utalized in this design, I think. (I'm not an engineer).

The ideal power source, apart from solar and wind, are humans (or other kinds of animals that are built to run genetically). There are a lot of us that are too fat and exercise too litte. Furthermore, most of us don't travel and see the world as mutch as we should.
If we instead of wheels attatched bicycles to the end of each pillar, we could make it a tourist-attraction. It wouldn't be that hard to peddle since we'd utilize the energy in the wind and the sun aswell. The tracks wouldn't have to be boring either, would they? Each pillar are foldable inwards and very flexible, so the tracks could be laidn out on un-even ground, which mould make it more fun to ride(in my opinion). Me for one would love to visit and try it out! ;)

Depending on how big it is, it will get more expensive. For an area the size of a football field you'd probably have to pay around 1000 dollars or less.
Thank you for reading and have a nice day! :)

P.S I'm sorry about the Swedish language used in the visual description, but I attached an english text file version that is mutch more in - depth about the whole thing.

P.P.s Using the internet I just made the following calculation;
98.1 Joules to bring one litre of water 10 meters up
A big wind turbine generates 2881 Megawatt [MW] according to wikipedia   =   2881000000 Joules per sekund [J/S]
 2881000000 Joules per second / 98.1 Joules = 29367991 liters of water per second.
Can anyone verify this?

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