Distributed Solar PV system
Let convert DC power from PV ito three phase AC power and deliver it to each well


 In this project I try to eliminate some of the disadvantages of Solar PV panels.

 I guess it will be better:

1.        To install PV panel in  well -protected area

2.        To convert low DC voltage  from PV panels into the three phase high   AC voltage

3.         To deliver AC power to the each well at the fields through open wire power line

4.        To connect  power line wires to nonlethal electric fence power supply  during the dark time

5.       To use  most simple  portable centrifugal pump with three phase asynchronous   motor

 One pump may pump out water from each well in turn. When all  farmers  leave the group of fields,  the power line is connected to nonlethal high voltage  electric fence system  . This warns accidental intruders. If some vandals try to damage power line or short it to the ground, simple alarm system wakes  up peasants who  rush to l protect their property by all available means.

 Subsidies for this system look much better than for the diesel fuel. If you compensate a part of the fuel’s  price, these money go directly to  OPEC. If you compensate locally made PV panel’s price, you support local semiconductor industry until it can compete Chinese products.