Sun driven multi-purpose pump
cheap, maintenance free, mullti-purpose, long working,clean water pump driven by concentrated rays


The pump is driven by super-heated steam, generated by concentrating the sun rays through sun tracking collector. The working fanda is provided on the figures. Advantages includes cheap multipurpose pump which can also be used for generating power; providing clean water in rural areas; heating water which is done presently by killing trees; steam cooking if provided the villagers with designed steam containers and most importantly pumping the water using natural means.

working principle: water from the well (which is brought to the surface by siphon arrangement) is pressurized to get pumped through one-way valve, in the collector which is mounted inside the parabolic solar concentrator. Thus similar to lens we used during childhood days to focus the light beam to burn the piece of paper, here water is super-heated with increment in pressure until it push the piston in cylinder leading to the to and fro movement in cylinder due to spring action. this action along with flywheel is used to drive the double acting reciprocating pump, which sucks water from the top, low pressure end of siphon tube from well. Moreover, the escaping steam is used to preheat the water and simultaneously increase the initial pressure in the system altogether improving the system efficiency. the movement of sun is track by simple electronic circuit which in turn drive the stepper motor, providing day long operation and bringing back the system to early sunrise at morning. 
WHEN not in use for pumping, the super-heated steam can be regulated to drive small portable steam turbine coupled with generator/alternator to generate power. this steam can be condensed to provide clean drinking water in villages; steam can be used to heat water for bathing saving fossils and again with special containers can be used for steam cooking like rice, potato,and other stuffs.

IN TERMS OF COST, IT HARDLY EXCEEDS 6-7 thousands rupees..with output capacity depending on the area of parabolic collector generating volume of steam (super-heated)