Stored pressurised air powering a air-motor coupled with a water pump
Compressed air stored in bottles powering a pressurised-air-motor coupled with a water pump


  • All the different parts are easily available.
  • The use of compressed air is widely used, therefore the pieces are common.
  • The technique itself has been approved for decades.
  • Air-motors with several horsepower are already being used in the industry.
  • It is easy to combine air-motors with water-pumps.
  • As a matter of fact, if the prime energy is clean, the whole process will be clean. 
  • The degree of effectiveness of the described system is reasonable. The effectiveness of the system as a whole depends on the effectiveness of the single parts (air-compressor, air-motor, water-pump).
  • If the energy of the photovoltaic generator is being stored in batteries, the air-compressor can run even without sunlight.
  • Compressed air doesn´t harm the environment.
  • The central air-compressor station is thought to be shared by several users. 
  • The empty bottles will be refilled at the central air-compressor station, so no waste is being produced.
  • Water-pump and air-motor are rather cheap, therefore the risk of being stolen is rather small.
  • Water-pump and air-motor work on the base of simple mechanical parts (no high-tec).