Solar chimney groundwater mist pump. Mythbusted? Maybe not..
Using Inverse chimney stack effect from Solar light, Artesian water pressure and misting nozzle.


In this variant the chimney Stack Effect is inverted - the Sunlight is concentrated by mirrors on the above-ground part of the pipe (painted in black) heating it to min 80°C. It causes that the air in upper part of the chimney gets a higher pressure than below and it produces a continuous air flow downwards (draft).

The bottom chamber is divided in two, but the air can flow from the chimney part to the other one. In this other part there is a Misting Nozzle that sprays the water pushed by Artesian pressure from the well. The whole thing is submerged in the ground water well.

The mist is transported by the air blown from the chimney to the exit carrying along the sprayed water. Depending on the size and parameters it can process up to 15 liters a minute, at least the industrial nozzles can spray as much water and more.

Considerations: The stack effect scale decides how much sprayed water can be carried to the exit, otherwise it may fall and start flooding the bottom of the chamber. If the air is too hot it can result in mist being evaporated, but the very mist has cooling effect on the air. It can be balanced.

It's pure Physics, hope you like it :)