Termo-Solar / Wind / Hand - Wasser-Pumpe
Function: 1. with Solar Heat 2. with wind 3. with hand 4. all dismantled, Portable 5. made in India


  • Insert the assembled from individual parts Termo Horizontal Solar Windmill,
  • is set up and connected in addition to the well pipe.
  • A heat-reflective special black cloth, is spread under the mill.
  • Ascending the heat drives the upholstered with fine canvas wings of the mill.
  • Which in turn drives a functioning water pump with easy running gear ...
  • If there is wind, the wheel also works with it ...
  • To suck the water or if there is a malfunction,

  • the water pump can also be operated by crank handle.

UPDATE Thermotunnel:

A special heat storage black cloth, is installed as foldable tunnel on the base, in the middle is the frame with the wings at the top.

Ascending the heat drives the metal or plastic blades of the mill and thus drives the Water-pump.

It is the Thermal Tunnelefekt be exploited, to generate even more power.

see: http://www.solar-tower.org.uk/

The frame can be disassembled and transported in a cart

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