stirling engine based pump
Stirling engine based centrifugal pump.


This work shows the water pump which is constructed by Stirling engine and centrifugal pump.  The temperature difference is caused by sun and water. The hot air  is heated by sun, and the cold air is cooled by  flowed water. Therefore, a Stirling engine has been formed and the temperature difference can be generated by sun and water. The crank  shaft  rotated by  piston and displacer, then drives the flywheel, The flywheel is also a volute, which makes a centrifugal force on water, then pump the water out (the principle is the same as centrifugal pump)


Capability  :

Since the energy source comes from sun (and water), which should be better than diesel.

Viability :

In general, the stirling engine can be started by  manual, it should be easy used for user.

Affordability :

It is not a very large design with complex mechanism, thus the farmer can use it easily.


The stirling engine and centrifugal pump are existed technology, thus this design doesn’t require additional technology.

Mandatory requirement

This work doesn’t require the coil for electric generator, which leads the less weight and it is portable for farmer. Since the stirling engine is an external-combustion engine, it is robust for farmer usage.

With great heat generated from sun and high efficiency of stirling engine, there is a large probability to pump and deliver enough water to irrigate 1 hectare.

Since the coil is not required, it may be cheaper than diesel.